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ESTA denied - what now

ESTA denied - travel not authorized - what to do next?
In order to travel to the United States, every traveller will need an ESTA or one of the other visas issued by a U. S. Embassy, which must be applied for in time prior to departure. If you do not have a visa, you may be denied boarding at the airport check-in.
There can be many reasons why an ESTA application is rejected. In most cases, it is because the conditions for visa-free entry have not been met and a visa from the US Embassy is required in order to travel to the US despite the absence of an ESTA. Unfortunately, it can also happen that the ESTA is rejected, even if all eligibility questions were answered properly. However, in this case, the competent American authority does not provide any information as to why the ESTA application was not approved, you will only receive an ESTA form with the message:"Travel not authorized", in this case the applicant can only go to the US Consulate to apply for a "normal" non-immigrant visa.
In order to ensure that the application is not rejected because of a careless mistake, our staff will check your data carefully and point them out to you, so that you do not have any difficulties when entering the country.
There may be the following reasons for the rejection of the ESTA application:
You have answered an eligibility question with yes
You have a second nationality from one of the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia.
You have overstayed your last trip in the U. S. and have stayed longer than the permitted entry period
You have once lost a passport or reported it as stolen.
You have provided false information in your ESTA registration
You hold a US Greencard
You have already applied for a US Immigration Visa at a US Embassy
There are also other reasons for an ESTA visa refusal, but these are not disclosed by the US authorities
In some cases, the rejection can still be counteracted. For example, if you have accidentally answered one of the "Eligibility Questions" with yes, you can either file a new application for some of the questions, or file an objection. Our specialized staff will be happy to advise you! In most cases, however, you will have to apply for a visa at the US Embassy after the rejection.

Entry to the USA refused despite approved ESTA!

If you already have an approved ESTA, you may still be denied entry to the United States without a visa refusal. On the one hand, the ESTA or any other visa does not guarantee that you can enter the USA. The customs and border guards alone decide whether you are allowed to enter or not. On the other hand, it is often the case that errors may occur in your approval, despite the approval. Please check your data carefully when submitting your application, especially the following ones:
Last name, first name(s)
Date of birth
Place and country of birth
Passport number
Country of citizenship
If you discover errors in your approval, it is neccesary to submit a new application.